Rep. John Yarmuth says upcoming Mueller testimony is "long overdue"

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Before former special counsel Robert Mueller speaks before two House committees next week, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) shared his thoughts on the upcoming testimony.

Rep. John Yarmuth speaks about the upcoming Mueller testimony. (Source: Gray DC)

"I think the American people are owed the opportunity to listen to Mr. Mueller and to have him actually respond to questions about what the report actually says," Yarmuth said.

The congressman said he hopes the committees and the American people pay attention to the second volume of Mueller's report and that questions are asked specifically regarding obstruction charges.

"Anyone with half a brain who reads the second volume, which is about obstruction of justice, will understand that what they found was that the President of the United States committed ten acts of obstruction of justice." Yarmuth said. "Without question."

Mueller will testify before the House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee on July 24. The committees rescheduled the hearing that was originally supposed to take place a week sooner. Mueller has said that he does not plan to speak to anything beyond his more than 400 page report on his investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia. Lawmakers have differing opinions on whether or not the hearing will conclude if the president committed obstruction of justice.

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