A community turns out in full force to pay respect at funeral of deputy jailer

Published: Jun. 4, 2018 at 5:18 PM EDT
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An emotional farewell as the body of slain deputy jailer David Scott was loaded into a hearse, Monday afternoon, amid droves of community support.

"It's been a horrible loss, and this is just something that you don't hear of happening in Mt. Sterling,” Mt. Sterling resident William Cotton said.

This comes after Scott was shot and killed in his home on May 26.

While hundreds spent the day mourning inside the Taul funeral home, others in the community stood outside or watched through nearby storefronts, all to show their support as Scott’s body was taken to Machpelah Cemetery. The shear amount of support surprised some folks.

"Hundreds of cars, I never saw so many cars,” said Mt. Sterling resident Vickie Jones.

Dozens of jails across the state also paid their respects, sending deputies to work at the Montgomery County jail so all of Scott's coworkers could attend his service.

"They do a great job for Montgomery County, and to see the support, people out here supporting them, is great,” Cotton said.

Other jailers took part in the procession, escorting Scott's body to the cemetery.

“Everybody is just mourning him. Everybody just realized what a loss he is for the community,” Jones said.

The suspect in Scott’s case, neighbor Frances Zaayer, is due back in court June 11. She recently pleaded not guilty to murder, attempted murder and burglary charges.