A new device helping some Kentucky college students stay safe on campus

LEXINGTON, Ky.(WKYT)- With a new semester underway at the University of Kentucky, students are busy getting to and from class. Safety, some admit, is not always something they think about.

"Honestly not really, unless it's night when I'm walking to class. I don't really ever think anything about it," said a UK student.

Others like Leandra Clifton say it's always on her mind. She spends a lot of time walking by herself from UK Hospital.

"I am on campus between 7 am and 11pm or possibly 3 am depending on my work schedule and walking alone at night is not very comforting, sometimes it gets a little scary," said Leandra Clifton.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe says students shouldn't be scared, but instead, vigilant.

"One of the things we are really adamant about is situational awareness and so everybody needs to understand what is going on around them for their own personal safety," said UK Police Chief Joe Monroe.

Chief Monroe says safety at UK is a top priority and it's gone high tech.

"We have over 3,000 plus cameras on campus and it's able to let us capture a lot of criminal activity that occurs and solve it quickly," said Chief Monroe.

The blue light phone system used for calls now has loud speakers for notifications and added security cameras. Leandra Clifton also takes advantage of UK's free Live Safe App.

"You click on 'go safe' walk and you can ask a friend to walk with you. So they watch you walk or you can watch someone," said Clifton.

Students can also use it to text videos or pictures to campus dispatch.

Clifton has taken her safety one step further.

"I have my little sound grenade," said Clifton.

It's called eAlarm, a small device the size of a USB drive that can attach to your key chain or bag and when activated.

"Loud beeping."

The device releases a 130-decibel alarm that the makers BASU.com say can draw help to you or scare off an attacker.

"We looked at what people were using for personal safety, we saw that a lot of people were using pepper spray. The whole point of it is so you can have something that you can use to keep you safe and won't put you in danger," said Jill Turner, BASU.com.

"I haven't had to use it personally, but it has brought me some comfort," said Clifton.

Remember that student who said she didn't really think about her safety?

"I think that's kind of cool, good idea," said one UK student.

A small device that could pay off big when it comes to your safety.

When it comes to crime at the University of Kentucky, Chief Monroe says the number one crime, thefts. As for the eAlarm, it costs about $15 fifteen and can be bought online. For more information and to find an eAlarm, click HERE..

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