AAA reports record-breaking travel rates this holiday season

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - While the weather might not be delightful at the moment, thousands are expected to hit the road and travel this weekend for the holidays.

AAA is forecasting that a record-breaking 112.5 million Americans will be taking to the roads and air to travel this season, which is up four percent from last year’s numbers. That being said, many drivers out on the roads Friday say they were glad they left earlier.

However, there was still some traffic on Kentucky’s interstates today.

"It looks like it's a little busier, there's a little bit more traffic out here than normal but it's going really good,” said holiday traveler Bob Treiber.

Aside from an uptick in travel around this time of year, AAA says it also sees an increase of service calls. AAA recommends that everyone check their car’s fluids and tire pressure before going out on a long drive.

"On a given year we run about 30,000 calls in Lexington alone, and the majority of those are going to be in the winter months,” said AAA Fleet Manager Jed Bowles.

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