Accidental 911 call leads to heroin arrests in Berea

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BEREA, Ky.(WKYT) - A call to 911 led police to make two arrests in Berea.

The Madison County dispatch center got a call to 911 around 2:30 Friday morning.

According to police, the dispatcher could hear people talking, but the call seemed to be accidental. The caller was discussing using heroin with someone.

The dispatcher was able to track the location of the cell phone and sent police to the Circle K on Richmond Road in Berea.

When officers arrived, they found Greg Collins and Justin Cruse inside of the gas station and a female waiting in a truck. When police asked Collins to come outside to talk to them, they said he left a bag near a soda station. Inside that bag, officers said they found money, meth and heroin.

Berea Police say officers also found a Glock handgun inside the truck. Cruse told them the gun belonged to his dad, but they say he had a bullet in his front right pocket.

"We don't know if those guys were going to use there in the store or try to sell to somebody," said Lt. Jake Reed with Berea Police. "Who knows what they were doing, but the main thing is that we got the drugs off the street that night. So, I think the dispatcher in this case did a very good job."

WKYT tried to get a copy of that 911 call, but Berea police say its considered evidence in this case and they won't be releasing it.

Justin Cruse was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. Gregory Collins was charged with possession of heroin and meth, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief.

“I was just getting a polar pop and they come and arrested me. Charged me with a concealed weapon and I was nowhere near a weapon,” said Cruse.

Cruse says he doesn’t even know Gregory Collins.

“Hopefully the truth will come out,” Cruse said. “You know, I am innocent. I wasn't carrying a concealed gun.”

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