'Adulting' class gives Madison County students valuable life skills

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Madison County high school students are being taught what it is like to be an adult during a summer program.

Photo: WKYT

If you spend any time on social media, you've likely seen people saying they are "adulting." The informal word means the practice of behaving like a responsible adult, and Madison County 4-H office wants more teens to learn these critical life skills.

"Changing a tire, for example, learning how to iron better because I'm not the best, cooking, cleaning, taxes, checking accounts, stuff like that," Madison Central High School sophomore Macaila Morin said.

Morin is one of several students who woke up early Monday morning to get this crash course during summer vacation. These students are learning skills not taught in many classrooms anymore, and organizers say older generations which they had this opportunity.

"I have friends who are almost 30 that say we want to take this class right now," Julia Reid with Madison County 4-H said. "Of course, 4-H is for children, so we have to say no, but that just shows how important these skills are."

Each participant took home supplies including a tire gauge, food thermometer and cooking utensils to go with their life lessons.

The class costs $15 per student, and it was covered by most school resource centers.

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