After nearly a year in office, President Trump remains popular with Kentuckians

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ELLIOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Later this month, President Donald Trump will mark one year in office. Despite several controversies, the President remains as popular as ever in Kentucky.

Elliott County is one of the counties that overwhelmingly supported President Trump in the November 2016 election. It was a big change. In every previous election in the county's 147-year existence, voters went for Democrats.

"His message resonated with everything that I thought would be beneficial to me as an entrepreneur and to our community," said Trump supporter Steven Whitt.

Whitt is a Democrat, a father, the county coroner, and the owner of a diner and a funeral home.

"Values here is everything. There's the homosexual topics. You get the transgender stuff going on (and) the abortion laws. You're going to find there's probably very few people here that are supportive of any of that," said Steven Whitt.

Whitt and his wife, Chesla, say issues like abortion, gun rights, and now healthcare, convinced them to vote for President Trump.

"My son he has to wear a helmet, and insurance won't cover it and I'm paying $3,500 per helmet for him. And I think that's ridiculous when someone else can get it for free, you know?" said Chesla Whitt.

The president remains popular with the Whitts and many in Elliott County. Almost one year into his presidency, his ratings amongst the white, working-class, are still high.

"I've got an employee who does not support Donald Trump. She doesn't like the way that he talks about women, which I personally, I feel like every man belittles women a little bit. Why is he any different, you know? But if he can do things to help this country, I don't care what he says," says Chesla Whitt.

"Everybody's going to have a difference and that's the beautiful thing about it that, I think, makes us unique is that everybody is entitled to that. You have that freedom of speech," said Steven Whitt.

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