Aging piece of Clark County history to be demolished

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - The occasional train chugs by, but that’s about all the activity you hear or see at the once-bustling powerhouse, a staple of Clark County.

East Kentucky Power Cooperative announced today they will demolish the Dale Power Station in southern Clark County.

“We're really sad to see it go, but it's kind of turning the page on an era,” Nick Comer of EKPC said. “I know there are hundreds of people who worked here or had family members who worked at Dale Station, and it's just been part of the local culture.”

The plant closed in early 2016, after more than 50 years of operation, and its age is starting to show.

“Like a house when you're not there, stuff happens, and gradually, it deteriorates,” Comer said.

EKPC plans to start leveling the powerhouse in July, and assumes the process will take about a year to complete.

Not every structure on the property is coming down. Offices will remain, along with outbuildings and the switchboard.

The company is expected to meet with nearby homeowners and community members to make sure everyone is prepared for Dale Station’s destruction.

“It will be strange for me and a lot of people in the local community,” Comer said. “It is a piece of East Kentucky Power’s history.”

Security officers say they will remain at the power station 24 hours a day.

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