Animal activists ask for help after 11 puppies dumped in Jackson County ravine

Photos of a Keurig box and the puppies inside the box taken in Jackson County (The Arrow Fund/Facebook)
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TYNER, Ky. (WKYT) - A group of animal welfare advocates are asking for help after someone discovered 11 newborn puppies dumped in a ravine in Jackson County.

The Arrow Fund says the puppies were found in Tyner, and transporters helped care for them all the way to Louisville.

Photos taken at the scene show the puppies were placed in a Keurig box.

People are bottle-feeding the puppies around the clock in order to provide care for them. The organization says "it is a long shot" for all 11 to survive.

The organization has so far raised approximately $2,000 since it posted about the dogs Thursday.

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