As fall approaches, pumpkin patch flourishes at Evans Orchard

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) – From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin patches, fall is right around the corner. What better time to check out this year's pumpkin crop at Evans Orchard in Scott County?

Weather swings added up to a solid crop of pumpkins this year at Evans Orchard. (Photo: WKYT/Adam Burniston)

"I was stressed, you know, all summer because you get heat and all of that, then well are they going to pollinate, then are they going to get any size to them," says Kevan Evans, owner of the orchard.

From the weather being too hot or too cool, and then either getting too little or too much rain that can lead to mildew and diseases, Evans says there is a lot that goes into getting a good crop.

Fortunately, this year, while the weather has seemed temperamental, Evans says they've been lucky.

"We picked up two or three-teenth here and there and those guys you know they just suck up whatever goes when it happens. Overall it's to me, one of our better crops that we've had."

Along with a good crop, Evans says customers will also be benefiting this year due to the late-season heat and dry weather.

"This sun is just sucking the water out of them, so you know, they should keep if they don't have much disease on them, but they're going to be lighter than normal."

With such a great crop this year, Evans isn't necessarily worried about running out of pumpkins, but if he does get low, he tells me other local growers work with him to provide more.

Evans Orchard’s Fall Festival also kicks off this weekend and lasts through the end of October featuring live entertainment. Find more information here.

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