As he prepares for his role as governor, Andy Beshear reflects on his time as attorney general

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - In just a little more than a week Andy Beshear will be sworn in as Governor of The Commonwealth of Kentucky. As he prepares for his new role he is reflecting on his time in the office he held for the past four years.

Attorney General Beshear saw many headlines. Obviously there was his role in fighting the sewage bill turned pension reform as well as several other lawsuits against Governor Matt Bevin. However, when he looks back on his time as attorney general there are many other things done that he holds close.

One of those seen earlier this week with the Louisville Metro Police Department announcing an arrest in a rape from nearly 40 years ago. That arrest happening thanks to a grant through the attorney general's office to address the sexual assault kit backlog.

"When I look back at a legacy, at least from my time as attorney general, getting someone justice who was harmed in 1981 that thought it would never come and knowing there will be many more of those ... is very, very special."

Additionally, Beshear worked to fight drug abuse filing multiple lawsuits against drug manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. He says day in and day out during his time as attorney general he and his staff strive to give a voice to the voiceless.

"For that we were able to give a voice to our children that were being exploited, arresting more child predators than ever before. We were able to start addressing human trafficking in a way that makes us a model for the country. We created a 'Survivors Council' to make sure those who experience trauma were not only part of the policy making process but also insuring we do our jobs the way we should."

With all that said though the outgoing attorney general says there are some things he wishes they could have done more with.

"We did not reach domestic violence in the way that I would have liked to, did not focus on it as much as I would have liked to. It is something that is far too prevalent in Kentucky and I plan on addressing it as governor."

Once sworn in and holding his new title of 'Governor', Beshear says he will continue with the same mindset and mission.

"As attorney general you get to wake up every morning and fight for the lost, the lonely, the left behind ... that is something I plan on doing as governor too."

Inauguration Day is set for December 10th. Governor-elect Beshear says it has not been decided who will act as Attorney General during the interim. He says he is having ongoing conversations with Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron about that decision. Cameron will not be sworn in as attorney general until after the new year.