Attorney fights to remove Confederate statue from Capitol and add Muhammad Ali

Published: Jun. 9, 2016 at 6:15 PM EDT
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A petition is going around that ask state leaders to honor Muhammad Ali in the State Capitol. Lexington Attorney Jonathan Miller started the petition to replace a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis with a portrait or painting of Muhammad Ali.

The debate to remove Davis from the Capitol Rotunda is no small matter and it has been going on for years.

"Now that there is a consensus to remove Davis, let's replace him with the grandson of slaves who did more for Civil Rights and who was known as the most famous international person from Kentucky in the 20th century if not the most famous human in the 20th century," Miller said.

Miller has a big fight ahead of him. He is leading the charge to remove the statue of the Confederate President.

"While we are all thinking of him and we are reminded of his greatness," he said.. This is the time to take action."

That action failed last year after the Historic Properties Advisory Committee voted 7-2 to keep the statue in the Capitol.

WKYT reached out to the board. Director, Leslie Nigel said they plan to have a meeting within the next month and if a proposal is made through legislative channels, the commission will review the rules and make a recommendation. Nigel also said that the current rules state a person has to be dead 10-15 years before they can be represented, but that's not slowing Miller down.

"Now we've got a new governor. The governor has different opinions on several issues than the prior administration, but this is one area where I agree pretty strongly with Gov. Bevin and I would love to see him change that prior administrations policy," Miller said.

Miller says he plans to present his petition to Gov. Bevin once he reaches 1,000 signatures.