Authorities warn that multiple dogs stolen in Greenup County

Photo courtesy: WSAZ
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GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - Greenup County Animal Control say multiple dogs have been stolen since Saturday and now are asking for help finding the person responsible.

Based out of the animal shelter, the department says they have received three cases since Saturday.

They say a man in a truck with a make-shift kennel is picking up the dogs in rural areas of the county. So far, two large dogs and one small dog have been taken – all mixed breeds. A description of the exact truck is unknown, but they are hoping someone may have his license plate information.

“Nobody would think somebody would just drive by and pick your animal up out of your yard,” said Doug Jordan with Greenup County Animal Control. “We wouldn’t even do that.”

The department is encouraging those in the county and city to consider keeping your dog inside or watching it while they are out – a challenge for many whose dogs have spent most of their lives on farms and rural areas.

They are also encouraging owners to place a locating chip and code inside their dog. They say most veterinarians are able to do the simple procedure.

Animal Control says they are hoping to gather more information on the case to help local law enforcement with an investigation.
Anyone who sees suspicious activity is encouraged to call 911.

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