UPDATE | Auto Plaza USA customers struggle to get money back from dealership

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Three months ago, the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission assured former Auto Plaza USA customers they'd be getting their money back as quickly as possible.

Auto Plaza owes James Edwards around $300. He's yet to be paid back. "I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do to get my money back," he told WKYT's Miranda Combs. Edwards is one of 1,400 Auto Plaza customers that got hit with an unfair bill from the state that said he still owed title taxes for a car he bought at the dealership. But he really didn't owe any money. The mess-up turned into the state attorney general filing a million dollar lawsuit against Auto Plaza.

Days after the AG's lawsuit was announced, the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission said they had already come to an agreement with Auto Plaza and will be able to get customers their money back faster than the AG's lawsuit.

Yet James Edwards has yet to see a dime from the dealership. He went to Auto Plaza, as instructed by the state a couple of months ago. They told him they'd send him a check.

Former customer Joey Thomas took a different approach when he showed up at the dealership to get his $500 back. He said they told him he'd have to make an appointment. "I'm like 'No, I'm going to leave here today with my money or I've got this document from the AG's office, I'm going to call this gentleman and let him know you guys are still putting off customers and not paying them.'" He walked out with his check a few minutes later.

Auto Plaza's attorney won't comment on how many customers have been paid back. The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission told WKYT there were about 70 customers that have been paid. The transportation cabinet said in a statement, "Unfortunately, the inconvenient reimbursement process is due to Auto Plaza's refusal to follow the recommendation to issue a lump sum to the Department of Revenue that could have been directly applied to the affected consumers' accounts."

WKYT was also made aware of a civil case between the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the owners of Auto Plaza USA. The owners, Adnan and Amneh Hassan, own land that the state wants to purchase to build a bypass. According to court documents, the Hassans have refused to sell the property and are now asking for a jury trial to settle the matter. The transportation cabinet said the land dispute has nothing to do with the settlement with the Motor Vehicle Commission. It's a completely separate issue.

The Kentucky Attorney General's lawsuit against Auto Plaza continues to move forward.

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