Barr holds Community Forum on the Future of Camp Nelson

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Congressman Andy Barr wants to give national recognition to Camp Nelson, which is why he is taking the necessary steps to make the site a national park.

Early Saturday morning, the Community Forum on the Future of Camp Nelson was held, giving community members and local stakeholders a chance to express their support for the national monument to the Department of the Interior.

Along with a training destination for African-American troops, Camp Nelson was founded in 1863 as a Union Army supply depot, training center and hospital for the Federal Armies in Kentucky and Tennessee.

"It's an emotional and personnel story. It's a compelling story about a journey towards freedom and these descendants of these slaves, many of whom enlisted in the U.S. Army to fight for their freedom and the freedom for their families" explained Congressman Barr.

Barr says the 'Camp Nelson Heritage Park Study Act' is now in the hands of President Trump for approval.

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