UPDATE: Search continues for final child swept away in Bath County

Photo: WKYT/Nick Oliver
Photo: WKYT/Nick Oliver(WKYT)
Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 5:47 PM EDT
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State Police say they’re hoping to find a child swept into high water today,.

The child is one of five children in an Amish family whose carriage was swept into the creek as they tried to cross a low water bridge on Wednesday. Tragically, the other four children have been located deceased. An adult who was also in the carriage was able to make it to the shore and get help.

Troopers continuing the search say they are fortunate that conditions have gotten better in the creek. They say the water was muddy and rising on Thursday, but that changed Friday.

There are many different agencies working the scene right now. Boats, canoes, and even a dive team have converged to search the area.

Neighbors say dozens of volunteers showed up immediately to help with the search, but officials are handling that part.

In the meantime, others have found ways to help.

The American Red Cross is feeding first responders and providing mental health services to the family.

Kentucky priest, Father Jim Sichko, has made arrangements to pay for any funeral expenses.

With the Amish community being so private, helpers and the Red Cross say they are being respectful of the family’s lifestyle and beliefs.

“We help anybody and everybody,” says Deborah Ranier, with the American Red Cross. “It doesn’t matter what their beliefs are. None of that matters. We’re always just there to help.”

As for the ongoing search, Kentucky State Police say while they hope to find the fifth child during Friday’s search, they are prepared to search throughout the night and weekend.

They say they’ll be out there until they find the child.


Posted: Wed 6:05 PM, Apr 29, 2020

A search for a child swept away in a buggy is ongoing along a flooded road near the Salt Lick community in Bath County.

Kentucky State Police say five children in an Amish family went missing Wednesday just before 5 p.m. after trying to cross a low-lying stream in their carriage.

An adult has been accounted for and four of the children have been found and pronounced dead. One of the children was still missing as of 7 a.m. Friday.

Multiple units and emergency crews converged along Adams Road, just north of Interstate 64 on Wednesday. Helicopters were called in for the search, and people used flashlights to scour the area.

Kentucky State Police say they will continue their search until the remaining child is found. Search crews are now rotating out to allow members to get some rest.

KSP says the horse pulling the buggy lost its footing and slipped. Six people were in the carriage. The horse is reported to have not been injured in the incident.

IMPORTANT In lieu of social media posts seeking financial donations to the Funeral Home and Go Fund Me accounts - the...

Posted by Jim Sichko on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Again, if you are considering donating to the family, all of the funeral expenses have been taken care of.