Berea Community Elementary School teachers hold parade for students

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BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Teachers from Berea Community Elementary School have missed their students so much over the past weeks that they've decided to go to them.

It's a unique way to lift everyone's spirits during a tough time.

"I'm a first grade teacher here at Berea Community Elementary School," Gretchen May said. "We are getting ready to have a teacher parade to let our kids know that we love them and that we are thinking about them."

"We hope that this will all be over soon. We've told our kids on social media that we are going to be out there to use social distancing, to be out there to cheer us on and we are here for them. We want them to know that it's going to be okay, and that their teachers love them," May said.

"The meaning of this parade is to lift the spirits of the children, the parents, as well teachers who are wishing they could be in their classrooms teaching right now interacting with their kids, being able to give hugs, being able to wipe an eye if they've fallen. As a teacher I guess I didn't realize how much teaching means to me."