Berea celebrates 23rd Spoonbread Festival

Visitors ride a train through West Jefferson Street during the Spoonbread Festival.

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Thousands of people flocked to Berea over the weekend to celebrate a tradition 23 years strong.

The annual Spoonbread Festival has hot air balloons, a parade, motorcycle rides and an eating contest.

60,000 visitors swarmed West Jefferson Street, some of them local.

"Every community has their own festival, but Berea's is awesome especially to me because I live in Berea and I was raised here,'" said State Trooper Scottie Pennington.

Others traveled from out of state for Kentucky finds. Spoonbread is served in a downtown Berea restaurant, and is considered a town favorite. The traditional dish is baked on site.

Families marveled at forklifts built in Berea.

"People love putting their kids up on the trucks and take their pictures," said Diane Peacock, an employee for Hyster-Yale.

People also showed their appreciation for the Kentucky State Police.

"I've seen so many come through there that I've arrested and put in jail and I've shook their hand, I've hugged them, and they've told me, 'Scottie, you being tough on us and caring about us has changed their life,'" Pennington said.

The town will do it all again next year on the third full weekend of September. All money raised during the festival will benefit the Berea Chamber of Commerce.