Berea police asking people to lock their car doors

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in Berea say a home security camera caught the actions of a thief.

The man can be seen in Ring doorbell video going from car to car, getting inside some, and taking whatever he could.

Police say this can be a big problem right before Christmas, but not usually right after the holidays.

"There were a total of three victims as of yesterday morning," said Amanda Chitwood, Berea police officer.

But there could have been more had not some kept their car doors locked.

“Yes they are checking door handles and entering vehicles that were unlocked.”

It’s simply a crime of opportunity-- noticing that there is an unlocked car, and getting inside. And then once inside, going after whatever they can find. Maybe a GPS, maybe loose change or a wallet. Anything they can find, they will take, and then make off with it, all because the car was unlocked.

Police say the good news is that more people are investing in security cameras. The bad is that many still leave valuables in unlocked cars.

“Make sure the doors are locked, if unoccupied.”

Police say they were alerted to the crime spree when a purse was found near a pizza restaurant.

“We received a call round 10 a.m. They found some property near a dumpster, a purse and contents and operators license were near the back door,” Chitwood said.

Police say the only description they have is of a man with a hoodie with a patch of some kind on the right pant leg.

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