Bernie Sanders calls out Matt Bevin in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - In a much more raucous event than his previous brief campaign stop, thousands turned out to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders brought his campaign message of equality for the middle class to the historic railpark in downtown Bowling Green.

"Transforming America and creating the kind of country that you and I know that we can become," said democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders.

He discussed raising the minimum wage, free college, and criminal justice reform.

Sanders discussed corruption on Wall Street, and says taxes on Wall Street will help pay for free public college for people.

He also called out Gov. Matt Bevin for cutting health care and education.

"So, if you can imagine the kind of governor, Gov. Bevin is, think about Bernie Sanders as a president doing exactly the opposite of what Gov. Bevin is doing," said Sanders.

Sanders also called out Sen. Mitch McConnell for removing a provision in the budget to help coal miner's pensions.

"Frankly, it is very hard for me to understand, it really is, why he would remove a provision that benefited so many people in his very own state," said Sanders.

Sanders discussed several issues in his stump speech including equal pay for women. He closed his speech by asking for everyone to turn out to vote in a few days.

The democratic primary for president in Kentucky takes place May 17th.

Sanders faces an uphill battle to catch Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination.

Recent projections show a close race to win Kentucky.

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