Beshear wants all Kentuckians to wear face masks in public

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 3:13 PM EDT
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Starting Monday, you may see a big increase in the number of face masks worn in public.

May 11 was the date Governor Andy Beshear said he was recommending all Kentuckians begin wearing masks while going out in public.

That order doesn’t make masks a requirement but does strongly recommend that Kentuckians wear them while in public.

Essentially, no one can force you to wear one, but businesses could ask you to leave if you aren’t. At Costco, all customers are required to wear masks, while stores like Meijer and target have COVID 19 reminders posted on the door.

But, employees at essential businesses are required to mask up.

Last week, that led to a lawsuit filed against the governor in federal court. That suit says the owner of Robert’s Health Foods, Sybil Frantz, believes the governor is trying to override the constitution by requiring her employees to wear masks.

Doctors have told us those masks are most effective at protecting others should someone have the virus but be asymptomatic.

Some shoppers we talked to Monday told us masks weren’t comfortable, but they felt like they were necessary.

"It’s not all that comfortable, but it’s the same as a seatbelt," Linda Hall said. "I feel like I’m asked to wear a seatbelt."

We also talked with some shoppers who weren’t wearing masks but told us it was only because they hadn’t been able to find any. They told us they were on their way to buy supplies to make their own.