Big changes are coming to the 'Y' intersection in Wilmore

Published: Jan. 9, 2020 at 5:45 PM EST
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Major changes are coming to a dangerous intersection in Jessamine County, but with those changes comes the demolition of some buildings.

"This intersection, since I've been down here, has been like an airport. It's been full of near misses, and I mean we have had wreck after wreck after wreck," said Hal Snowden, who lives in Wilmore.

The intersection of Highways 68 and 29 is known as "The Y" to locals.

The 'Y' formation combined with traffic from the gas station and market is also why the intersection is so dangerous. It's the reason city officials are changing it.

"The logical design would be to make coming out of Wilmore intersecting Harrodsburg Road a hard-T. Something where you look left, look right, and [there are] very obvious traffic patterns to do that," said Director of Public Works and Utilities David Carlstedt.

Because of the changes to this intersection and area, "The Y" will have to be demolished, and those who stopped by say they'll dearly miss the legacy this place had.

"People from even Woodford County that drive to Lexington to work would stop here as early as 5:30, 6 o'clock, in the morning for sausage and biscuit or a cup of coffee," said Snowden.

While many say they'll miss the corner stop, Snowden says the safety that will come from this intersection is helpful.

"I think that will be a big help. I think that it will be a positive step to eliminating the hazards that this intersection created," said Snowden.

Fortunately, the food market isn't going completely away. Owners say they're moving down to the Marathon Station just down the road in Wilmore.

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