Bluegrass Extended Care hosting another round of drive-through testing

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - More testing and social distancing are what doctors are recommending when it comes to slowing the curve of COVID-19.

Doctors in Lexington are trying to do both with drive through testing clinics. They're testing people who have COVID-19 symptoms, have been exposed to someone with the virus and health care workers.

Thursday is the second day of COVID-19 tat the Bluegrass Extended Care Center in just a week, and Dr. John Richard tells us that could be the norm going forward.

"We started doing the drive-through clinics, we started doing them about once a week and the demand was such that we decided to do them twice a week," Dr. Richard said. "So, we're doing them on Tuesday and Thursday right now depending on demand."

And demand was high when testing began at 9 a.m.

Dr. Richard says that out of the 116 positive cases for COVID-19 in Fayette County, he and his team have diagnosed over 30. He says drive-through clinics are a safer means to test because it limits how far the virus can spread. He says more of these can only help.

"We minimize the amount of exposure these patients have with each other," Dr. Richard said. "Their exposure is only to whoever is in the car with them. It's not to other people, so that helps a lot."

Drive through testing is something Governor Andy Beshear is pushing for and hopes to roll out a few locations soon, and Dr. Richard is all for that.

"I just encourage any of the other providers who are capable of doing this sort of thing to go ahead and get on board and start doing the appropriate testing so we can go ahead and find the individuals," Dr. Richard said.

Dr. Richard says his team will keep hosting drive-through clinics on Tuesday and Thursday as long as there are enough people who need to be tested.