Judge rules Eric C. Conn's property must be forfeited for bond violation

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Eric C. Conn appeared in federal court for a bond hearing Thursday afternoon.

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During the hearing, a judge ruled that Conn violated the terms of his bond. Because of that violation, the judge ruled Conn had to forfeit the property put up for his bail. That includes his Floyd County law complex, known for its statue of Abraham Lincoln that sits alongside a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

"The government will now be able to sell that immediately if they want because the court has ruled," said Conn's attorney Scott White.

Conn disappeared before being sentenced in a multi-million dollar disability fraud case earlier this year. He spent six months on the run before authorities captured him in Honduras in early December.

Before his escape this past summer, Conn entered a plea agreement that would have put him in prison for twelve years, followed by a three-year term on supervised release. Now Conn is facing the possibility of life in prison.

The judge set a February 12 trial date for Conn's escape case. Because of his escape, the government will drop the plea deal made in March and try Conn on an 18 count indictment from his original fraud case.

That is something that White doesn't necessarily agree with because he says Conn's cooperation helped get other convictions in the scheme.

"Eric gave away all that information. Should the Government be able to use that against him now because they want to try him on the original charges," explained White.

White also discussed his future as Conn's attorney noting a potential conflict because of communication he had with federal agents after his client's alleged escape.

"I was obligated to turn that stuff over but that may really impact a person's confidence in their lawyer. They might say, hey you're working with the feds...so that is a potential conflict," said White.

He says he does believe Conn will agree to keep him on, but that he will then have to ask the court to appoint him. White telling the court Conn is no longer able to pay attorney fees.

"I hope he picks me," said White. "I think he deserves a good lawyer and someone he knows and cares about him."

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