Booker T. Washington Elementary students warm up with new winter coats

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "A lot of my friends didn't have winter coats, didn't have three meals a day and just to be a part of this, it's amazing," former UK Basketball player Rex Chapman said.

Former UK Basketball player Rex Chapman hands out winter coats at Booker T. Washington Elementary School (WKYT)

All of the warmth brought to Booker T. Washington Elementary School today came straight from the heart of former UK basketball player Rex Chapman.

"I can't imagine, I can't imagine being back here, my kids growing up and not having enough to eat, to wear. It's just basic human needs," Chapman said. "So this is a really big deal I think for these young people."

For many students today, getting a warm coat was a big deal. Half of the students did not have a winter coat when they arrived to school. They left all bundled up thanks to Chapman, UnitedHealthcare, and the Dreambuilders Foundation.

"Thinking about children being able to put on a warm coat, especially on a day like this, helps them to be able to learn because they are warm, they are comfortable, they are not worrying about that part of their lives," Paul Brophy, Chief Operating Officer of UnitedHealthcare Kentucky, said.

The students were very thankful for their new coats.

One student said, "It's awesome because now that I have this jacket it makes me feel super cozy."

And for some students, it is a cute jacket they sure won't forget.

"It's really cool because sometimes I forget my jacket when I'm going places and now I'm going to remember."

Students went home happy and warm from the school day.