Emotional video shows effects of distracted driving

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PARIS, Ky. (WKYT) - An emotional and graphic video aimed at saving lives is making its way around Bourbon County, showing the effects of texting and driving.

Officials say the fictional piece shows a realistic accident.

The Bourbon County Coroner's Office released that video just this weekend. Their hope is to keep kids safe on the roads this summer, and out of their morgue. "I hope my cooler stays empty," said Bourbon County Coroner DeeGee Roe.

Ahead of the summer release of school, the women of the Bourbon County Coroner's Office say they are doing all they can to save at least one life from a texting and driving related accident.

"The calls are increasing," said a concerned Roe.

That's why the department decided to reach out to students and adults alike with a new simulation video.

It depicts a distracted driving accident, and the tragic aftermath. In the video you can see Coroner Roe and Deputy Coroner Lacey Hutchinson notify a mother about the death of her daughter. It is something the pair does in real life all too often.

"Us as coroners, we grieve before we ever go to a family's home," said Hutchinson.

"All of us are making these calls in the middle of the morning to these parents who their children are having these accidents," said Roe.

The video played for hundreds of students at Bourbon County High School this week, and officials say they believe it's already making an impact.

"All the teachers were in tears, We could look around in the crowd as it was playing and there were tears, and it's not that we want to upset people, but in our profession if we can do that ahead of time, and prevent something from happening, then that's the goal," said Hutchinson.

Coroner Roe says she hopes the video can spread to even more schools, and that adults will take the lesson to heart as well.

You can watch the full video below.

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