Bourbon County man is Kentucky's first COVID-19 death

Published: Mar. 16, 2020 at 11:57 AM EDT
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Governor Beshear confirmed the state's first COVID-19 death Monday morning.

The patient was a 66-year-old man from Bourbon County. We're told he did have underlying health conditions.

CMWA said in a statement Monday the man was a 29-year employee at the company.

County leaders tell us it was hard enough when they learned that there had been a case of COVID-19 from Bourbon County. They say knowing that man has died it’s just adding to how difficult this has all been.

Leaders at the health department in Bourbon County tell us that man’s case was connected to one from Harrison County. They have also said he had underlying health issues and that’s why he originally went to the hospital.

The judge-executive tells us this is a pretty heartbreaking development. He said they’re doing everything they can in the county to try to limit further spread.

Since then, they have been trying to make contact with everyone he may have come in contact with the days prior to being hospitalized.

"We have worked very closely with his employer and have done contract tracing with individuals that he would have been considered a close contact with, within that 6-foot range for longer than 30 minutes," said Andrea Brown, Director of Health Department. "We spent of the entire weekend doing all those contact investigations to determine who needs to be put on self-monitoring at home and who had no restrictions."

The judge-executive told me he also wanted to recognize how difficult this must be for that man’s family. He said not only are they dealing with the loss of a loved one but they also have all of the attention brought upon his death.

He said he wanted to do his best to respect them and their privacy during this time.