Boy scout takes on service project for distinct honor

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Parker Tolson, a 17-year old Boy Scout from Danville is determined. His dedication to the Boy Scouts of America is like no other and holds multiple merit badges. But now, he's tackling on a whole new project. A project to help not only him but his community as well.

Millennium Park in Danville is a very popular park and offers many options to its community. From a dog park to football fields, a skate park, and walking trails, it's a park that anyone can enjoy. But for Tolson, he saw an opportunity to not only achieve his "eagle scout" ranking but to provide a shaded area in a spot that needed it the most through a service project.

"I come to this park a lot and I noticed that all the other areas had shaded places and noticed the basketball courts didn't," said Tolson. With multiple basketball games played on the courts weekly, his idea was to provide a cooler place for players to take a break.

For one local resident who considers the courts his home away from home, he quickly noticed how determined Parker was and how hard he was working. "Right now, like looking at his face he's just focused," said Brooks Evans. It was that determination that led Evas over to offer a helping hand. "He's very talented. He was going back and forth to his book, he was talking to his team. I even stepped in out of nothing and he was giving me instructions, said Evans."

But for Parker, it's more than just his high ranking honor he's trying to achieve. After today, more than a structure was built, friendships were also. And for Parker, he hopes his hard work will matter to someone. "It's going to fill like all of my hard work has been for something. I want to make sure it matters to someone, that it matters a lot," said Parker.

Several local businesses in Danville donated equipment for Tolson and his project. Tolson expects to have his project finished later this week.