Boyle Co. mother determined to find answers, three years after son's disappearance

Published: May. 17, 2018 at 10:39 PM EDT
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A Boyle County family is determined to find answers and get justice three years after a loved one disappeared.

was last seen at a friend's home in Stanford on May 17, 2015. His body has never been found.

"I've got a lot of anger built up in me," said Sandra Hasty, Gorley's mother. "That's what keeps me fueled up."

By now his family is convinced that Gorley is not only dead, but was murdered. They did not name names, but they said they even know who did it.

"Sad part of it is, he was among people he thought was his friends," Hasty said. "He even graduated with one of them."

Even more than arrests, this family wants answers, wants to bring Michael home, wants to lay him - and these unending questions - to rest.

"You can only be so strong for so long," said Jennifer Coffey, Gorley's sister. "I just want to be able to visit his grave and put flowers on nit and just talk to him in peace without all that extra chaos. That would mean a lot."

Family members - who have conducted their own searches, held candlelight vigils and even hired a private investigator independent of State Police - say they will not quit until they get that peace, closure and justice. With the added determination of the State Police detective on the case, Gorley's mother said she is confident they will get answers.

"What's done in the dark," she said, "cannot be hidden for long."

Family members are hosting a candlelight vigil and community potluck from 1-6 p.m. Sunday, May 20 at Delmar's Garden Club, located at 240 Short Acres Road in Junction City. In addition to honoring Gorley, organizers said they will also honor 200 other missing and murdered people from around the world.