Boyle County High School graduating class features 10 pairs of twins

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - You may do a double take when you see Boyle County High School's Class of 2019, as there are 10 sets of twins planning to graduate.

9 of the 10 twins sat for a photo ahead of Boyle County High School's May 25 graduation. (Phil Pendleton/WKYT)

Bryan and Keith Stocker is one of the 10 sets of twins graduating May 25.

“My Mom used to say that identical twins seek each other out," one of the Stockers said.

The Stockers are identical twins, but they maintain a different appearance. Most of the 10 twins are fraternal, meaning they don't look identical.

"We’ve gone here since the 8th grade. At first, a lot of people thought we did look alike," twins Samuel and Brian Johnson said. "We didn’t see it since we had spent so much time together.”

Many of the twins will be going their separate ways, as many are pursuing different careers at different universities.

Boyle County High School's graduating class is 219, which means approximately 9 percent are twins. Below is a list of the twin siblings.

  • Zach and Brandon Casey

  • Blake and Michaela Carpenter

  • Micah and Caleb Enlow

  • Ben and Sam Johnson

  • Jeremy and Jordan Jones

  • Josh and Jacob Marin-Bernal

  • Nate andSarah Snyder (Not Pictured)

  • Bryan and Keith Stocker

  • Jack and Seth Stomberger

  • Kiara and Kyra Thornton

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