Brothers help save officer during a traffic stop in Texas

SAN ANTONIO (KABB/WOIA/CNN) - Two brothers are credited with saving an officer who was overtaken by a man during a traffic stop in Texas.

Two brothers helped a San Antonio police officer during a traffic stop. (Source: KABB, WOAI, CNN)

A video shows a San Antonio police officer pleading for help during an altercation with a suspect until William and Luis Mendez-Guzman stepped in.

“We took off running and tried holding the young man down. The officer barely had hold of one of his feet,” William Mendez-Guzman said.

Luis Mendez-Guzman says the suspect was reaching and swinging for the officer’s gun when the officer began screaming for help.

“He seemed at a loss,” he said.

The Guzman brothers ran to his aid. Their actions were caught on camera by another family member.

A witness says the brothers held the suspect down. The suspect was screaming that he had HIV and tried to bite the brothers, attempting to get them to let go.

The brothers recall every detail and the role they played in the incident.

“I think we reacted appropriately because the officer was being kicked in the head and once we stepped in, the officer was getting ready to tase, but we said we had it under control,” William Mendez-Guzman said. “We helped both of them.”

A few minutes after the scuffle, backup help arrived to help arrest the man. The officer thanked the family for their help.

Police have not released information on the man who attacked the officer or if he is facing charges.

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