Bryan Station eager to bounce back from 2-9 season

Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 1:19 PM EDT
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Since going 7-5 in 2014 and 2015, the last three seasons have been a tad tough on the Bryan Station Defenders.

It's also life without Jalen Burbage, but the cupboard isn't bare.

"I am proud of our young guys," said cornerback Bryson Fields. "We have young receivers that are stepping up to the plate for our offense."

Young is a word you will hear a lot when talking about this football team. They've got talent, but it's young talent that will have to buy into this message from the seniors.

"Details, details. Every day, it's about the details," said Fields. "Hustling helmet on and work hard every day."

That mindset stems from the man in charge Frank Parks Jr. He's been at Bryan Station for a long time and believes his seniors can set that bar for the rest of the team.

"We tell them that the younger guys have to come along," said Parks. "We have a lot of younger guys that will see some playing time and will expedite the process."

Seven starters return on offense and four on defense from a team that finished 2-9 last season and despite the lack of experience, it's the Defender defense that could provide a spark this fall.

"I am proud of our defense," said Fields. "Defense will be our strong suit. Good linebacker corps, good defensive backs corps and we are ready to knock some heads."

They will get that chance August 23 against Douglass.