Busting the myths of Coronavirus

Published: Feb. 29, 2020 at 2:10 PM EST
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Coronavirus is causing an overwhelming amount of worry in the US with just more than 60 confirmed cases as of Saturday afternoon. It’s becoming harder for people to tell what real cause for concern is and what is just a myth.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a new type of respiratory virus spreading quickly throughout China and other parts of Asia.

Some in Louisville say they’ve heard crazy stories about how people are reacting to the illness.

One young woman said she saw a story about a Florida man using his cough as a weapon while breaking into a home, claiming he had the virus.

Others have heard reports of people not drinking Corona because of fear of contracting the virus. A myth that is not true.

“[I’ve heard] just that if you get it, you’re going to die immediately,” said one Louisville resident.

While the virus can be dangerous for those with weaker immune systems or who are already ill, the majority of the population will recover without issues.

. The CDC reports the virus is transmitted by droplets from sneezes and coughs and that it cannot live long on surfaces.

"A flu shot is not going to protect me from coronavirus, and that is true," University of Louisville Professor of Infectious Diseases Dr. Ruth Carrico said. "But I think the thing to remember is anybody who has had the flu, when you have symptoms of the flu, we know it's not just a lung disease. It's an infection that makes you feel terrible and affects you much more broadly than your lungs. If you are ill your baseline is now down here."

The best ways to protect yourself include washing your hands, staying away from those who are sick and practicing good hygiene.