COVID-19 continues to hit Kentucky's nursing homes, prisons hard

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky now has more than 8,100 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


Governor Beshear says new cases in the state have plateaued, but state leaders are still devoting lots of resources to hard-hit areas like nursing homes and prisons.

We've talked a lot about coronavirus outbreaks in jails and in nursing homes and this chart shows you where we stand when it comes to just how many of our overall cases are coming from prisons and nursing homes:

Look at the light green portion of the circle. That represents all COVID-19 cases coming out of long term care facilities, it's roughly 18 percent of all our cases.

Also, 7.7 percent of all our cases are coming out of state and federal prisons. Prisons make up less than two percent of all COVID-19 deaths in Kentucky.

And this number is telling, even though nursing home cases make up less than 20 percent of all our COVID cases, they make up more than half of all deaths due to COVID-19.

Residents in nursing homes are some of the most vulnerable to this illness, many already have underlying health issues making it much harder to recover from COVID-19.