Police: Canada goose attacks Walmart shoppers in Indiana

Fishers Police Department/Facebook
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FISHERS, Ind. (WKYT) - Canada geese have claimed two more victims, and this time it was at a Walmart parking lot.

The Fishers, Indiana Police Department posted on Facebook that two people suffered minor injuries in a Tuesday afternoon goose attack.

Police officers warn the public that geese can be aggressive and territorial, but it is unknown if the victims provoked the waterfowl.

Some in the general public enjoy seeing them, but Canada geese have become controversial animals to some, as the waterfowl are not only aggressive, but they can also drop up to one pound of feces per day, which means large flocks can cause large accumulations.

Police don't recommend you do what an 84-year-old South Carolina man did, as he was arrested over the weekend for allegedly shooting at geese from his living room after becoming annoyed by them.

Another recent victim was a person walking on the campus of Eastern Michigan University, as police released that goose attack on video.

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