Casey Co. store remains closed due to strong vapor levels

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CASEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Dogwalk Market is one of the few stores between Liberty and Russell Springs. Not only is the store off US 127 the lifeblood for 15 employees, but it is also the only filling station for the Dunnville community.

"Everybody stop and buys their gas here, off 127. It will make an economic impact over the next few days," said Rick Wesley, who is the Emergency Management Director for Casey County.

The market and the post office next door were closed because of an accident on Tuesday. A fuel tanker was making a delivery on Tuesday when the driver turned into the wrong entrance. The truck overturned, rupturing its tank on a dumpster and spilling 1,000 gallons of fuel.

Environmental cleanup crews are working to remove the contaminated dirt. The post office reopened around 1 Wednesday afternoon, but the store will remain closed until the vapor levels reduce.

The store manager says she isn't sure how much food she will have to throw out but expects it could be a lot. The gasoline fumes got into the store, and the coolers and freezers were shut down for hours because they had to power off the electricity.

Officials say the person driving the truck was a new employee.

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