Catholic Action Center asking for supplies and volunteers to help Compassionate Caravan

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's not just Christmas, it's also the cold that has workers at the Catholic Action Center on Industry Road expecting quite a few guests over the next couple of days.

The end of the year is already a busy time for the center, not only to take care of the people who come inside, but also those who won't.

"We have camps of people that will not come into shelters," said Genny Ramsey, the director of the Catholic Action Center.

That is why the shelter will go them.

They'll be out beginning Sunday night, handing out blankets, coats and sleeping bags.

But they need volunteers who are willing to go around the city with them.

"It's a big ask of people to give up their Christmas Eve," she said.

They also need coats, specifically large coats, and sleeping bags, along with cleaning supplies.

Ramsey says they get a lot of volunteers around the holidays, and a lot of them end up sticking around.

"They see how wonderful a difference they can make and they get to know our people and they see as a community that we can take care of each other."

Ramsey said because the phones at the center are so busy they're asking potential volunteers to email or message them on Facebook.
You can email the center at

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