Catholic Action Center looking for donations as cold weather approaches

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Temperatures for the upcoming week are expected to be abnormally low, with wind chills likely in the single digits for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. The Catholic Action Center is gearing up to help those in need.

The Catholic Action Center is looking for donations of coats, gloves, hats, and other cold-weather gear. (Photo: WKYT/Megan James)

"You know, those of us who have homes don't think about this. We just think we have to turn up the heat and have a little higher utility bill. But for our brothers and sisters without homes, this can be deadly," says Ginny Ramsey, director of the Catholic Action Center.

With the cold blast coming early in the season, the center needs the help of the community to keep people warm.

"We need more blankets, we need more coats, we need more gloves and hats and hand warmers. That's what the compassionate care van will take out and that's what we will share with the people that stay here, those who are our regular guests and part of our community. There are 134 here. So when we add 50, 60, 70, we are getting up well over 200 men and women who need these supplies," says Ramsey.

Other supplies the Catholic Action Center needs are food donations and gas cards for the Compassionate Care van.

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