Catholic Action Center provides homeless a place to stay for Christmas

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - While many of us woke up in our own beds this Christmas morning, so did many of Lexington's homeless for the first time. At the Catholic Action Center's original location, many of those homeless didn't have a place to stay on Christmas.

"At 7 o'clock at night they'd have to leave", explained Ginny Ramsey, Director of the Catholic Action Center, "The size was so much different, but also the idea that they did not have the facilities that we have here. Then they have to leave even though the cold that it will be and the cold that it was, they'd have to make their way up to the Community Inn for the night shelter."

Now with their new location, which opened this year, it will be the first Christmas for many.

"Here we're a community, we're big household with 132 people and it's an amazing difference for folks", stated Ginny Ramsey

For the residents that had the opportunity to stay at the Catholic Action Center say they are just glad to have the community it provides.

"To me, as far as Christmas is concerned, my main objective is family and when I'm here I consider all the people family", explained Herman French.

The Catholic Action Center also runs a Compassionate Caravan, which helps give rides for the homeless to the shelter during these cold months. If you see someone stuck out in the cold you can call the Compassionate Caravan at (859) 913-0038.

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