Group discusses adding historical context to Jefferson Davis statue in Capitol

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- The Historic Properties Advisory Commission met on Wednesday to discuss making changes to a statue of Jefferson Davis in the Capitol Rotunda.

The group previously decided to keep the statue in place but voted to remove a plaque calling Davis a patriot, hero, and statesman. They intend to add an educational component to provide historical context but are still trying to determine how to do that.

During Wednesday's meeting, the Kentucky Historical Society passed out a draft, which identifies objectives and goals for the space.

"This isn't one-dimensional. For one, it's a complicated space. It's a somewhat disjointed space because originally it was designed to be an empty, open space and the statues were added over the years," said Craig Potts. "We want to make sure we're doing the hard work. We're not just talking about facts and figures but we're trying to make connections."

"The next step is that devil into details business, right? It's sort of the hard part," said Daniel Vivian.

The group said they hope to provide historical context, engage as much as inform, inspire critical thinking and value different perspectives.

"I think we're talking about handouts, some lesson plans, and assignments that educators can use, certainly some online media and information distributed that way," Vivan said.

"I want my kids to be productive members of society. I want them to be informed. I want them to think critically. I think this programming, that hopefully will be created soon, will do just that," said teacher Annabeth Edens.

The commission hopes to have more concrete ideas before their next meeting in February.

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