Chris Bailey's Forecast | A little winter blows in for the weekend

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It’s another super soaker of a day across the bluegrass state as our storm system wraps up across the Ohio Valley. As colder air comes in underneath this, rain will mix with and change to a little wet snow as we head into Saturday. From there, the pattern remains very active with more systems moving through here over the next few weeks.

Many areas of central Kentucky have picked up more than an inch of rain already and will see a little more this afternoon into the evening. The heaviest rains are across the eastern half of the state, but we will see one more stout batch of rain developing from west to east later today as the upper low moves in.

As the upper low swings by, temps drop into the 30s with some wet snows mixing in with the overnight showers. This is a trend that takes us into Saturday, with a few snow showers kicking in. This isn’t widespread all the time action, but some hit and run slush makers will be possible. As the day wears on, we will watch for a band of light snow to impact areas of northern Kentucky. That’s especially true during the evening hours.

Again, this is only some slush possible on grassy and elevated surfaces and not everyone sees that.

Winds will be gusty, making those 30s feel like the low 20s for Saturday and Sunday.

Another light system brings a streak of light rain and light snow across the state Sunday night into Monday. Another one tries to follow that up around the middle of next week.