Chris Bailey's Forecast | A touch of spring continues

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A little taste of spring weather is with us and will roll on through the middle of the week. That puts a smile on the faces of all the spring lovers out there.. Once beyond Thursday, the frown returns as colder than normal temps try to take control of the pattern… Again.

Let’s concentrate on the positive before we get to the negative. Highs today are in the normal 50s as skies stay partly sunny. Temps will take a bit of a hit for Tuesday, but still look to be in pretty good shape.

Southwesterly winds kick in for Wednesday as another potent plains storm system kicks into high gear. That system will develop and roll toward the Great Lakes by Thursday and Friday, bringing a cold front across the state. Highs ahead of this will top out in the 65-70 degree range on Wednesday then into the 70s for Thursday.

Thunderstorms will then rumble across the bluegrass state as our cold front moves in. Behind this front, temps take a big tumble.

Chilly and dry weather is expected for the weekend.