Chris Bailey's Forecast | Frigid temps continue

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Snow showers and arctic cold temps continue on our MLK Day. For winter weather lovers, this isn’t much snow, but it’s certainly better than what you’ve been suffering through. Once we get through this touch of winter, we focus on a late week system.

Temps stay seasonally cold through the week as we wait on our next system to show up. One low is going to run into our region with another low developing to our east Friday into Saturday. For folks who want snow, you want the lead low to be VERY weak with the second low to be much stronger. The trend is heading in that direction, but we will be walking a fine line with rain to snow.

Right now, this looks like rain arriving on Friday with an increasing potential for rain to snow Saturday. Can we get some snow on the ground? That’s certainly possible, but depends on exactly when and where the second low forms and takes control.