Chris Bailey's Forecast | Here comes a cold front

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It’s a nice and mild day across the Commonwealth, but wet weather is on the way for Tuesday. That’s when a cold front drops in here from the northwest with gusty showers and colder air coming in behind it. That cold air is likely to force the next system to our south later in the week.

A few showers will be noted to our west and north and some of these may work into areas of Kentucky before the evening is over.

Tuesday is a windy day as our front slams in from the northwest with showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. Colder air comes in behind this for Wednesday, pushing our boundary far enough south to likely keep that next system far enough away to have little impact on our weather.

There's a chance for a light mix in the far southeast from this system.

Seasonally chilly air controls the second half of the week with temps climbing this weekend. That’s when we wait and see what a couple of bowling ball looking systems bring our way.