Chris Bailey's Forecast | May temps the next few days

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It’s a much better looking day taking shape across the Commonwealth, but the best is yet to come. Temps over the next few days will take on much more of a May feel than what we should be seeing for this time of year. By the weekend, a potent storm system targets the region again.

Thursday finds our southwest wind kicking in, boosting temps into the 70s. There’s a shot at an 80 in the west and southwest.

Friday is when temps can really take off with readings deep into the 70s with a chance for an 80. That would only happen if we have some sunshine. The best chance at an 80 is across the south and southeast. There is a chance for a shower or storm to go up, with the best opportunity for that being across the northern half of the state.

Saturday may be a bonus day in the 70s as we wait on a potent cold front. That shows up Saturday night and may have showers and a few strong storms ahead of it.

Cooler and drier winds will blow for Sunday and Monday, but temps should still be seasonal.