Chris Bailey's Forecast | Another active pattern ahead

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Mother Nature is slapping us right in the face today as wintertime temps surge back in. In some areas, it’s feeling 60 degrees colder than the highest numbers we had on Thursday. That’s a big old OUCH! This cold air hangs into the start of the weekend, but another active setup kicks on by Sunday.

Temps take center stage today with reading in the 20s this morning and upper 20s to low 30s for afternoon highs. Winds will be gusty and it’s going to feel much colder. Single digit wind chills may be noted this morning.

Even with sunshine today, temps may not reach the freezing mark in many areas with gusty winds adding to the cold. A similar setup will be noted for Saturday.

Sunday will kick off another active setup with light rain and a mix of rain and snow moving in. The setup then turns ugly through next week as multiple systems roll our way, each bringing a lot of precipitation. High water issues are possible again.