Christmas play held following religious reference ban

Published: Dec. 18, 2015 at 2:55 PM EST
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The Johnson County superintendent recently sent out a statement telling every school to remove references to religion during school hours and activities, including school plays, meaning some had to be changed on short notice.

On Thursday, students from W.R. Castle performed "A Charlie Brown Christmas" which was a little shorter since Christ and Jesus were taken out.

While protesters were not out at the school on Thursday, parents still made sure to take a stand, reading from Luke, chapter 2, the scripture that was taken out because of the superintendents recent decision.

"We just kind of got together this morning and as were sitting there and it was just all on our hearts that they took out the scriptures and that's the main part you know that's what it's all about." Holly Davis, one of the parents, told Mountain News.

Earlier this week, Superintendent Tom Salyer told us he received a complaint that Christ and Jesus were being used in school plays. That complaint led to the board getting rid of all religious references in schools.

Dozens have protested that decision since it was announced Monday.

The superintendent told us earlier this week if the students engage in religious activities on their own, that is okay.