City Center developer Dudley Webb discusses grand opening

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – After almost a decade of waiting, of delays, and changes in building plans, the downtown block once known as "the pit" is just months away from being finished.

Formerly known as CenterPointe, now "City Center" will soon open its 12-story office tower and condos.

Inside the new Starbucks, developer Dudley Webb is in a great mood. The conversations are friendly and quick, but it's clearly a new day for the man who started this project many years ago.

Earlier this week, Starbucks became the first shop to open inside, followed by Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse. Three underground levels of parking are ready. By October, City Center officials say they plan to open the Marriott Hotel and Residence Inn with a rooftop pool and bar.

"Remember we started, our original vision was to do a 32-story building and we ended up compromising to drop it to 12,” says Dudley Webb, the developer of City Center. “But, what we ended up was 3 buildings of 12 stories."

The largest condo is 8,000 square feet, sold to someone with UK connections, but Webb won't say who just yet. Webb bought a large condo on the opposite side.

"I'm really excited because I'm back downtown. For 15 years I lived atop the Hilton, in a condo down there, and it was the ideal lifestyle for me at that point in time. Now, we had children. Now we're empty nesters so it will be fun to get back down here again."

During a visit to the roof where the City Center sign stands, Webb took a moment to reflect.

"All this stuff’s behind us, it's all positive, it's all good. We're just really excited about the future of downtown Lexington. It's a feel of New York, it's somewhere else, and that's what we want. This will be the place to come. We call it City Center, and I think that's appropriate."

The Dinsmore and Shohl law firm is the first tenant moving into the office tower, and at least eight of the fifteen condos are sold.

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