City officials say Lexington is ready for winter weather

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With the possibility for some wintry conditions on the horizon, officials with Lexington's Streets and Roads Division are getting ready for what's to come.

Rob Allen, the Deputy Director of Streets and Roads, says Lexington is ready to take on winter with 3,000 tons of salt stored in the city salt barn. They have another 3,000 tons stored elsewhere.

According to Allen, the city responds to an average of 22 snow events each season which runs from November to April. During winter weather events, the city is responsible for plowing over 1,200 lane miles in Fayette County.

Earlier this year, the Urban County Council passed a new snow plan which eliminates using contract workers. However, the city still expects to have 40 trucks dedicated to snow removal.

Allen says that while they are expected to be busier this season as compared to last, he said his crews are fully prepared for whatever winter brings.

"Our trucks are converted over to winter use with the spreader boxes and the plows available and certainly we're keeping an eye on local and regional forecasts and long-range weather trends. We've been conducting a series of training for new employees as far as routes and how to use the equipment so we're ready."

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