Clark Co. students, teachers look to Mr. Rogers during World Kindness Day

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) – School leaders in Clark County are devoting more class time to lessons on character education – and who better to help with that, than everyone’s favorite neighbor?

Students and teachers at Strode Elementary School drew inspiration from Fred Rogers during World Kindness Day. (Photo: WKYT/Andrea Walker)

On World Kindness Day, Strode Station Elementary introduced a new generation to an old friend: Mr. Rogers.

Fred Roger's philosophies have been at the center of the school's month-long mission to show kindness.

Of course, none of the students were raised in Mr. Roger's 'neighborhood,' and most didn't know who he was. Still, teachers say Mr. Rogers’ mission to spread the golden rule still resonates with their students.

"Well, if someone is sad because they're being bullied you can stand up for them and tell them bullying is bad because bullies never win," said one of the students.

Everyone was encouraged to wear a cardigan at the school, as a tribute to Mr. Rogers. Since most children don’t know what a cardigan is, it was mostly teachers who donned the iconic sweaters.

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